Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Let it rain

Arielle and I walked to the park this morning because 'park' is all she said for about 1 hour non stop! As we were getting closer and closer it started to rain. For about 2 minutes i seriously considered turning around as i was aware that as the rain was getting stronger and stronger, and we were getting further and further away from home and any kind of shelter. However we pressed on.
As we arrived at the oval we headed straight for the nearest tree. This was torture for Arielle because the playground was in full view - rain and a large oval were all that were between us. So i started to explain to her that it was raining and that we needed to wait until it had stopped before we could get there. "How inconvenient" i said. How annoying that the rain would get in the way of our desired destination. But then i began to explain that rain is good. Rain is necessary. We should appreciate the rain - even in its inconvenience. "Jesus sends the rain" i said. Rain causes things to grow. "Thank you Jesus for the rain". ...she didn't seem to agree at the time :-/
Spiritually speaking we know that rain is often attributed to an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. And this is what we seek is it not? Would it be fair to say that many of us inconveniently make our way to church because we conveniently seek an outpouring of the Holy Spirit? Haven't we learn't to chase after a supernatural event - on Sunday? A self indulging, self gratifying, I need a touch from God encounter and at this point nothing will get in my way? I wonder how often we seek what we want and what we believe to be good yet whilst doing so we miss what God has for us and therefore what is far better at that moment in time. I wonder how often God desires to communicate with us yet because its not Sunday and because there's no worship team, all we see is an interruption?
I pray for rain. I pray for a rain that interrupts. I pray for rain that is inconvenient. I pray for rain that is unexpected, unplanned, unmanufactured, unsught and unrecognisable. I pray for rain that shifts my mind from my desired destination to Gods presence, and i pray for it on a Saturday before a Sunday.
From the inner most parts of my being will flow streams of living water Jesus said (John 7:38). Seek Jesus and your rain will come - hopefully at an unexpected, unplanned, unmanufactured and inconvenient time.

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