Monday, November 12, 2007

Abide in me

Being in a place that you don't want to be is hard work! It's a bit like the difference between 30 minutes at the dentist as apposed to 30 minutes at a Harry Connick Jr show...full big band included :-)
But even being somewhere that you do want to be - for an extended period of time - can become hard work; ...heard one chart - heard em all...!

As i began to pray this morning the Lord immediately said to me, 'Abide in me...' (John 15:4), My immediate reaction was 'yes, i will...i want to...i'm on to it...i'm working at it...i promise...!

When you have a full perspective of the word 'abide' you do understand that there is an element of conscious remaining; of responsibility; of not departing from that 'place' or 'time' or 'state of condition'. But to remain or 'abide' also means 'to be held' or 'kept, continually'. This i found releasing.
To be held against your will (at the dentist...) is tough, but to be held in the arms of God is the most freeing reality you'll ever experience. But it's only freedom if you allow it to be. God is saying to me 'be still', 'Let me keep you', 'Relax for heaven sake :-)'


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