Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I found it interesting this morning to read what directly followed the teaching of the Lord's prayer in Luke 11. We know how we're supposed to pray, Jesus is clear in his instruction. So when it comes to the act of praying, there's always a cautious cyclic pattern of wanting to ask for something in prayer but not before honoring God above all. Once we get to our own needs, we're conscious again of getting our mind off our circumstance and back on to God. But i think Jesus teaching in
verses 5-13 is summed up in in the word 'boldness' (v8), essentially meaning 'shameless'. Interesting revelation. I would have thought that it's one thing to be bold but another to be shameless. My experience is that I'm often too ashamed to remain at the asking stage and need as quickly as possible to return to the 'hallowed be your name'. Thank you Lord for the reminder - we can come boldly before the throne of Grace. I know i would be devastated if Arielle felt too ashamed to ask me...for anything. Thank you Lord that you desire to give to your children, especially your Holy Spirit (v13).
Good to be back :-)

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